To provide products and services to support the energy sector, placing your needs above our own. We exceed our customer’s expectations by empowering our personnel with innovative technology and a deep understanding of their role.


To become the leading energy company in Venezuela and the South American region, by delivering and maintaining high quality standards of excellence and pioneering new technologies.


We hold ourselves accountable to the commitments made to our clients, suppliers, institutions, people, and environment.

We responsibly manage the Company’s resources such as: technical information, money, materials, equipment, and personnel, in accordance with our policies rules and procedures.

We consistently enforce the decisions and principles agreed upon.

We believe in people, we ensure that their integrity, safety and dignity is not compromised. We provide our staff with the space to grow to allow them to contribute with innovate ideas.

We each individually participate so that the organization achieves its goals through collaboration and mutual trust.

We make objective decisions, based on rules, procedures, and laws. We provide equal opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We contribute to the development of our community in order to improve social welfare in the areas we live in and operate.

We continually evaluate the way we execute our services and deliver our products, in order to find innovations and to achieve new levels of excellence, allowing us to develop and maintain a competitive cooperative advantage in the energy market.