Sysvencol is a private Company focused on providing services and products to the South American energy market.

Sysvencol is committed to satisfying our customer’s needs by delivering high quality services and products, while complying with all applicable laws and regulations including QHSE policies,

With focus on the energy sector, Sysvencol delivers maximum efficiency, helping our customers minimize risk, reduce cost, and generate returns.

With a highly disciplined business management approach, Sysvencol has earned the reputation of innovating to meet the needs of an always dynamic energy industry.

We are located in Maturin, Venezuela, with operations in the Orinoco belt related but not limited to: vacuum trucks, downhole completion tools, pumps and electrical generators.



Our beginning, Company start up, vacuum truck and oil fluid services.

Vacuum Truck fleet addition and modernization.

Adds industrial services to our service lines. Company changes name to formally registered SYSVENCOL, C.A.

Introduces well completion products and services SYSVENCOL, C.A, sings alliances with international companies such as North Point, Petro Spec and GEOPSI, for the supply and installation of VIT pipes, thermal completion products and sensors for reservoir monitoring in the projects of the Orinoco belt.

SYSVENCOL, C.A. with its allies, execute work on the planning of alternate Steam Injection projects in Junin and Ayacucho blocks.

SYSVENCOL, C.A. created its subsidiary GOLDSTAR SERVICES, to jointly, with its commercial allies seek business opportunities in other markets between the South American and Caribbean regions, initially focusing its efforts on Guyana and Suriname. The digital infrastructure division is created to serve the growing market of countries located in the Caribbean basin.