Innovative technologies offer business leaders an unprecedented number of opportunities to modernize and consolidate their infrastructure. Information Technology plays a critical role in this digital transformation, which begins with a reexamination of infrastructures, networks, security, data centers, mobility and collaboration, as well as the use of best practices to ensure that they can support new applications to be integrated.

We offer a comprehensive set of services for the submarine fiber optic telecommunication system industry. We provide our clients with valuable technical and commercial insight into the challenging issues that they face in this unique industry. Recognizing the diverse nature of the submarine telecommunications marketplace, We have gathered a team of industry-leading experts who are able to work across traditional boundaries and provide businesses with the strategic intelligence and operational skills needed to make long-term business decisions and deliver results.

submarine fiber optic

We provide infrastructure solutions that bring networks reliability to high availability levels required in the industry.Our solutions are aimed to provide physical connectivity, network performance, operational efficiency, efficient use of spaces and routes, access control and security.We have alliances with leading solution providers and materials in the field.


•Copper systems

•Fiber optic systems


•Physical Infrastructure Management

•Overhead and Underfloor Routing

•Cabinets, Racks & Cable Management


•Labeling and Identification

•Cable Management

Setup and Installation Services

Our Network Setup and Installation Services can provide the resources to build or expand your network. We help you chose the right design, technology and hardware that suits your business needs.

•ONT and ONU placement for FTTX projects

•Premise wiring for FTTX projects

•Emergency Maintenance agreements

•Network Audit Services (Informing you what you have in the field)

fiber optic

We provide what you need for your Data Center to meet the highest standards of quality and service. Integrating solutions that includes physical infrastructure, servers, storage, virtualization, active equipment and specific applications for management, control and security. We simplify the structure of the data center allowing the unification of all computing services, storage, connectivity and management in one secure and reliable environment, which also translates into agility and simplicity for your business.


•Physical Infrastructure (Power, Cooling, Cabling, Alarms, etc.)

•Management, Control and Process Automation, BMS/DCIMS

•Applications (Administrative, Management, Security and Data Center Services)




•Active equipment (Routing, Switching, Firewall, Encryption, etc.)

•CloudCenter–“Hyper Convergences”

-Many applications, several architectures, one Platform

-Services on demand

-Security, scalability, range improvement, greater security

data center


We provide solutions that help unlock the potential of enterprises with mobility innovations for your workforce and customers.Mobility allows you to improve and maximize the way you communicates with decision makers, key personnel, human resources, operations, marketing and compliance leaders.


•Indoor Access Point

•Outdoor and Industrial Wireless Access Point

•Wireless LAN controllers

•Mobility Services and Management

•Mobility Solutions

Tower Construction

We provide cell tower site acquisition and construction services We keep our employees up-to-date and trained in next-generation technologies and practices and are committed to reducing negative impact on the environment. We create eco-friendly sites that minimize or eliminate the equipment hut and associated HVAC, reduce power and battery requirements and decrease overall carbon emissions.


•Construction and Installation Material Procurement and Management-Site Acquisition and Permitting-Overhead and Underground Cell Tower Construction -OSP / ISP Fiber-Node Facilities-Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)-Hub-Site Locations

•Design and Engineering RF Engineering-Material Procurement and Management-Municipality, Utility, Franchise Negotiations & Interface-Zoning & Permitting Approvals-Project Closeout Documents and Certification-A&E Services

•Ongoing Maintenance Storm Remediation-On-Call Cell Tower Construction Service